Having the need to take down notes is a very important factor on why the application called as sticky notes were created. Note-taking is common among individuals both adult and children alike especially when there are certain things that need to be remembered but are too many not to jot down.

However, since most of us do not often bring with us a pen and a paper whenever we go out, this online application that can be installed in our cellular phones comes in handy since most, if not all of us do not leave without bringing our gadgets then this is indeed a perfect idea for such purpose of note-taking.

The sticky notes application is basically similar to that of the post-it notes in a sense that it is available in different sizes because users of this app have the option to expand the size of the note. Furthermore, just like the post-it notes, it is also available in various colors which you can choose depending on your preference. Indeed, the use of this application is very practical for listing and taking down important notes anytime and anywhere whenever the need arises.

Many people have used the sticky notes applications for various purposes including the following: as a to-do list, as a list of things to buy, for jotting down important reminders, for writing schedules and appointments and many others as long as it is needed to be written for future reference. This application is indeed an efficient way of note-taking.

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